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Music for Picture Showreel

This music for picture showreel features 4 different visuals with music that I composed, recorded, mixed and mastered.  Sound design for The Science Police was also completed by me.  The clips featured are: The Science Police, No Country for Old Men, Forrest Gump and Would be Alone.   This was completed using Pro Tools and Logic. 

The Scent of my Death - Binaural Audio Drama

This is a Binaural Radio drama that I created as part of my BA degree project.  I had to project manage all stages and organise all crew members including director and script writer and choose specific locations to record the performance.  I then edited the final product using Pro Tools and Logic and released it using a podcast site.  This particular product gained interest in the local press and radio stations as far as the USA. Click here for press review 

I also won the Outstanding Achievement Award for this work at University.

Let it Go - Laura Begley and Barry Frame 

Mr V - Laura Begley and Barry Frame 

This is a recording I did for Voice contestant Laura Begley.  All production and recording were completed by me.  Laura and I plan to work together to release an EP of original material sometime this year.  Please check out Laura's other youtube videos as she has an incredible voice.    


This is a track written by the talented Laura Begley which I performed on and produced. This was used for the Haggis Western Film The Last Love Letter in 2015.

Tonight - Colin James Murphy

This was a track that was written by Singer / Songwriter Colin James Murphy which I produced and recorded. I had to plan all stages of the recording. Stages included getting session musicians, tracking, mixing and mastering the final product. The software used was Pro Tools along with an Audient desk and various outboard. I also created the sound design at the beginning of the track which was related to the theme of the song. The track is yet to be released by the songwriter.

5am - Katy B Remix

Persona - Sound Design Clip

This track was part of remix assessment I had in my BA degree year. The track is Katy B - 5am. This track was part of an online remix competition. I downloaded the vocal stems for this track and created my own music and changed the chord structure using diatonic substitution. The full track was created using Pro Tools and virtual instruments. For the mastering stage I decided to use outboard for a more analogue sounding track.

This clip was used in  created for my Masters degree sound class.  I was given the prologue to the film Persona and had to create my own soundtrack using sound effects, music and virtual instruments.  The clip was then mixed in a stereo format using a variety of dynamic and time domain effects.  

The soundtrack was created using Pro Tools 10.  

Clyde Built - Sound Design 

This project was given to me in my Masters sound class and required us to create a compelling soundtrack to go with the clyde built presentation.  This was achieved by building soundscapes which followed the narrative and importing music to render the images.  This was created using Pro Tools 10. 

The Last Love Letter Official Trailer

This trailer is 2nd trailer for the film The Last Love Letter.  I had to create the sequence and source all music and sound fx for this film then edit them to synch with the picture.   I also submitted this clip for my Masters sound class at The Glasgow School of Art.  This was created using Adobe Premier Pro and Pro Tools 10.  

Sam - Post Production Clip

This clip was used in my Post-Production module assessment in my degree year. I was given this animation and had to record / source all SFX and music for it. I had to obtain permission for any sound fx used that were not my own. I had to then manipulate audio and spot in all effects as well as edit, mix and master the audio. The clip was mixed in 5.1 surround sound however was down mixed to stereo to be part of this showreel. The music used was royalty free.  This was created using Pro Tools 10 and down mixed to stereo using Logic Pro X.

I also won the Post-Production Award at University for this project.

The Last Love Letter - Movie Trailer 

This was a trailer I recently did for Local film company Haggis Western Films Limited.  I had to create and source all music and sound fx for this film then edit them to synch with the picture.  The music used was royalty free and then remixed by me to give a more modern feel.  The software used was Pro Tools 10. 

I have also been hired by Haggis Wetsern Films to manage all sound aspects of this film project from pre to post production.


Total Recall Trailer- Post Production Clip

Let the Right One in - Post Production Clip

This trailer was part of my HND Post-Production module at Forth Valley College. I had to record / source all sound fx and manipulate them to match the visuals on screen. I also had to write the entire music sequence used in this trailer. Other tasks included were ADR, editing, mixing and mastering with final delivery being in Stereo. The software used was Pro Tools 10.

This clip was used for multiple assessments in my HND year at Forth Valley College. I had to develop a sound map showing all the sound I would require in order to complete this clip. Surround sound microphone techniques were used for different elements of this clip such as the ambiance and truck drive by. The original clip was in Swedish and had to be translated in order for my group to complete the ADR work. Recording foley was a huge part in this clip with only a couple of creative commons sound effects being used. The music used is not written or owned by me and was used for educational purposes only. Once all elements had been recorded, each member of my group created their own automated 5.1 surround sound mix of this clip.  This was created using Pro Tools 10 and down mixed to stereo using Logic Pro X.

Standing up for Freedom - Post Production Clip

This clip was my first post-production assessment given to me in my HNC year at Forth Valley College. Like the other post-production clips I had to source al SFX and score the music for the entire clip. As well as spotting in effects to match the visuals, you also had to make the sound flow and merge so each element together so no obvious gaps in the audio were apparent. I created this using editing techniques on pro tools such as fades and automation. This project was completed using Pro Tools 8.

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